Acianthus fornicatus: Pixie caps

Acianthus fornicatus

also known as Pixie Cap.

This terrestrial, perennial, deciduous, sympodial herb and orchid has a single heart-shaped dark green glabrous leaf with an reddish-purple coloring on its underneath. The leaves range from 10-40 mm in length x 10-20 mm in width, on a 4-9 cm stalk in height. It often produces upwards of 10 flowers, well-spaced on a raceme 100-300 mm tall, with each flower 10-40 mm in length, and translucent pinkish-red with green sometimes black labellum. The callus covers most of the central areas and is thick and fleshy with small pimple-like papillae on the outer half. It flowers between May and August.


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