Parsonsia straminia: Silkpod or Monkey Rope

Parsonsia straminia
also known as Silkpod, Monkey Rope, Parsonsia. Common Silkpod

Common in New South Wales and Queensland Australia, this dogbane family woody vine has woody stems reaching 9 cm in diameter, extending approx 20 meters into the tree canopy with adventitious roots. When cut, the vine will produce a clear pale brown sap. The leaves are leathery arranged oppositely in pairs along the stems, yellowish green on upper surface, pale green-gray underneath, measuring approximately 4-24 cm in length by 1.5-8 cm in width. The leaves are elliptical to oblong-ovate in shape, with round or heart-shaped bases. They produce a fragrant pale yellow flower from November to June, followed by slender pods 10-20 cm in length that split to release feathery seeds from September-December.

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