The Tree Leaves’ Oracle

The Tree Leaves’ Oracle was a phenomena that began in 1990 and Founded in 1990 lasting until 2000 as a physical organization, then a online community and festival booth from 2000 until 2018. It is now closed and this site remains an archive of its events, art, stories, and adventures.

The Tree Leaves’ Oracle was a interactive portal combining together the art, mystery, and folklore within the worlds of Faerie, Fantasy, and Folklore, interwoven as art, music, poetry, literature, theater, spirituality, and vision. This portal combined the magical talents of the Tir na nOg theme camp, with the creative arts of its family, expressed with an otherworldly experience.

The crew manifested a unique horde of treasure within a festival booth as well as a storefront, always with online shoppe, gallery, collective, fellowship, theme camp, story telling fire circle, manifestation, and an experience.

The humble beginnings as an underground newsletter in Tallahassee, Florida to a blanket selection of handcrafts at the Eugene, Oregon Saturday market, to a roving band of artisans at festivals all around the world, to a body painting theme camp at Burning Man, to a art gallery/Shoppe in Manitou Springs, Colorado; a vardo of gifts from Faerieworlds to Starwood; a interactive classroom at various events; a brick-and-mortar apparition in the “Leaf and Dragon” storefront in Ashland, Oregon; to a hidden goblin market in Tir na nOg with a platform of entertainment from Pirates, Genii, Naiads, Faeries, and Vikings … The Tree Leaves’ Oracle. From Tarot readings and divination to Body painting and Zombie Crawls, Pirate Mobs and Faerie Fests …. Santarchy and Mad Hatter Tea Parties … let us tell you a tale you’ll never forget … the Oracle had lots to foretell …

We’re pleased to have been able to support all of your fancy dress and Halloween needs. Your source for Tree, Herb, Faerie, Pirate, Zombie, Viking, Medieval, and Folklore
Ways, Wisdom, Beliefs, Traditions, Music, Arts, Crafts, and Fellowship.

Where Fantasy meets Folklore, Nature meets Science,
Faeries meet alternative tribal sub-culture.

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* A manifestation of Tir na nOg on the earthly plane around the world with ports of Call in Oregon, California, and Ireland * *
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